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Rimini is a highly popular series of ceramics designed by Aldo Londi in the 50s. The line was produced by the Italian ceramic studio Bitossi, and is Bitossi’s signature range. Rimini pottery is known for its elaborate hand-embossed patterns and the bright shade of Rimini Blu which gives it its name. The collection is layered with vibrant blue and turquoise glazes and includes vases, ash trays, platters, lamps, bowls, and animal figurines. The animal statuettes are in Aldo Londi’s trademark style. Some figurines are angular and sharp while some others have extravagant curvatures and embellishments and are almost Minoan or Etruscan in their style.

The creation of the gorgeous blue color, which is the signature glaze of Rimini Blu pottery, has remained a closely guarded secret, known only to the master ceramicists at Bitossi. Owing to its handcrafted origin, Rimini Blu pottery often has some flaws or blemishes. These reflect the uniqueness and the crafting process followed at Bitossi. Each item is stamped with the Bitossi mark and numbered, usually at the bottom. The product is also accompanied by an authenticity certificate and instructions for its care.

Aldo Londi

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