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Plant Life

The Plant Life pattern was created by Sir Terence Orby Conran and was first released on the new Fashion shaped pottery in 1954. The pattern was produced by Stylecraft, and the pottery was referred to as ‘Stylecraft Fashion Tableware’ and ‘Stylecraft Fashion Shape’. The Plant Life pattern was a modernistic motif and a splendid addition to Midwinter tableware. The plates and platters were rimless while the bowls and pots were graceful and sinuous. The Fashion range of dinnerware was available in almost 120 different patterns. Most of these patterns were original Stylecraft designs.

The most popular patterns were Sir Terence Conran’s Nature Study and Plant Life, Sir Hugh Casson’s Cannes, and Jessie Tait’s Zambesi and Pierrot. The Cannes pattern was a modification of the well-known Riviera pattern which had been released in 1954. Jessie Tait also designed a series of wildfowl-inspired patterns like Wild Geese. The patterns were zoologically sound and had been developed in collaboration with Sir Peter Scott of the Slimbridge Wildfowl Trust. Other renowned designers who created patterns for the Stylecraft range were Eve Midwinter and John Russell.


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Plant Life

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