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The G-Plan brand of furniture, owned by the firm E Gomme Ltd, has been a super successful furniture brand over the years in UK and the rest of the world. The Fresco line of furniture, designed by V B Wilkins (Victor Bramwell Wilkins) in the mid-60s, has been G-Plan’s bestselling range ever.

For the Fresco designs, Wilkins used the popular circular pattern, which was often seen on decorative pieces of the time, with the then trendy carved appearance from Italy, and utilized teak to bring about the Scandinavian touch to them. Wilkins first created the Fresco’s iconic spherical teak dining table in 1966 along with 4 chairs and a 7 feet long buffet in teak veneer; however, solid afromosia was used to make the legs and handles of the chairs and the buffet.

Due to Fresco’s outstanding performance, more furniture were added to the range by Wilkins in 1969 in teak, including a drop-leaf table, a new designer chair, and a 5 feet long buffet. In 1970, a variation buffet with a height of 4 feet was introduced in the line. Fresco continues to intrigue the masses, so much so that even now G-Plan continues to produce a line inspired by the range called New Fresco. Also, the furniture produced in the Fresco line in the 60s and 70s have become vintage collectible items; which can fetch more than 3-4 times the original price.


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