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The mid-century Amoeba pattern was manufactured by the Federal Glass Company and was available in the market between the 50s and 60s. The amoeba boomerang drinking glasses came in four colours – turquoise, black, pink and white. The amoeba boomerang motifs were made in 22 kt. gold. The most commonly available colours are black and turquoise. Pink and white colours are exceedingly rare, pink being the rarest. However, all amoeba boomerang glasses are highly–valued collectibles.

The Amoeba pattern was available in a variety of different glasses and shapes. Each type of glass was differently-sized and made for different drinks. All glass sets were available with matching pitchers. Some of the glass sets include – the Heavy-Bottomed Sky Ball, the Heavy-Bottomed Jigger, the Heavy-Bottomed Old Fashion, the Heavy-Bottomed Tumbler, the Heavy-Bottomed Double Old Fashion and the Pilsner. The Jigger set is extremely rare and thus all Jigger colours are valuable.

The amoeba pattern was most popular in the American Midwest, most notably in Kansas. However in other parts of America, the boomerang amoeba pattern is very hard to find.

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