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Witco World Globe / Map

This gorgeous hand carved Witco World map was designed by William Westenhaver for @witco. This is a quintessential piece sought after by many mid century enthusiasts. While most of Witco's pieces were tiki or medieval in nature, this one stands out as really being neither. It measures 63" by 33" and is not light.

They initially came with a tag on the back that read: "Where decor becomes art Your hand carved Witco original is of select red cedar. The surface is burned and waxed to complement the coarse grain. The continuous use of any household wax will enhance its beauty.

Like all raw woods this product is subject to checking and splitting. We therefore suggest that black liquid shoe polish, india ink or dark stain be used to touch up the checked area. Direct exposure to sunlight will bleach and fade your idol, fountain or bench. We recommend a dark walnut stain be applied where large surfaces are involved to return your Witco Original to its' natural beauty. For exterior use we recommend 50% Turpentine and boiled Linseed Oil to retain the richness of the color."

William Westenhaver [ bio : items by ]
Witco [ bio : items by ]
Beige, Blue, Brown, Green

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Witco World Globe / Map

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