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Mainstreet Stockbridge

This extravagant mid-century painting by Norman Rockwell that measures 11” x 32” is one of a kind in spite of it not being an original as the original painting is in the permanent collection of the Rockwell Museum. The Museum itself exclusively produces superior quality prints of this painting that are sold to people.

This 1967 Norman Rockwell, Home for Christmas painting that showcases the Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas, aptly symbolizes Christmas in America and takes you on a pleasant walk along the public library, the gift shops, the old town office, the antiques store, down the sprawling Victorian Hotel right up to their very own Rockwell studio on the main street. The editors at McCall’s targeted the national audience and quoted that, “Wherever you happen to hail from-city, suburb, farm or ranch-we hope you will have, for a moment, the feeling of coming home for Christmas."

The social hub of the town viz. the Red Lion Inn which was closed at that time during winter, is included in the painting along with the Rockwell’s South Street home and studio that is visible at the extreme right. The radiant Christmas tree from the Rockwell studio window is vividly seen above the market. The Norman Rockwell Museum which was established two years after the painting was made and was formerly called the Old Corner House, can be seen at the far left of the painting.

Earthy, Matte

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Mainstreet Stockbridge