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Danish Teak Kidney Desk

This beautiful piece created by a renowned designer of Denmark was unfortunately put out of production too soon. It’s a limited product and also has been featured in the first edition of the infamous Mobilia Magazine in Jan, 1956. The desk is primarily made of teak with both solid teak and teak veneer over wood (no pressed board or mdf etc.) but the turned taper legs are made of solid stained oak. It’s also filled with surprises so you must view all the pictures to understand it. Following are the features of this desk.

The work top is of a perfect size. There are 4 drawers to the left of where you’ll sit. Some nifty features included here is the lower most being extra high to accommodate large objects while the top drawer can be locked (key included). At the side is a sliding tambour door which can wrap around the other side and also be opened up. Within is a rotating turntable bar, consisting of two circular shelves that are further divided by a mirror surface. Three of these have the same size while the last one is half of that. As such, items like tall bottles can be stored at the bottom and glasses on the upper shelf. Due to its convenient structure, it’s also possible to detach the center support of the turntable and remove it completely.

One of its most terrific (and rather secretive) features is the circular rotating turntable drawer located right above the tambour compartment. The well-designed drawer too has a divided interior and is ideal for storing small objects. Do you have something you wish to store without letting others find it? Then, this is ideal for you! On the other side there are two more separate shelf areas that both come with a removable and height adjustment feature. They’re integrated into the curve of the desk and can smoothly slide into the pegs – instead of just awkwardly being placed on them – and thus, make for an overall neat appearance.

Below are the dimensions of the desk and its other features. Please refer to the pictures provided as well for the best understanding.

The desk is overall about 52.5" wide by 28" deep on the widest end to just over 29.5" high. The top 3 Drawers are each 10.75" wide by 15.75" deep, by a little under 3" high. The bottom drawer is the same but is 5.5" high instead. The center opening (where the chair goes) is about 19" wide. The overall interior space of the storage behind the tambour door is 17" diameter by 13.25" high. The rotating shelves are overall 15" diameter and are divided down the center with the 1" thick mirror wall, making three of the four sections 7.25" deep at the center. The fourth upper shelf is 3" deep across its full length. The total height clearance on the lower rotating shelf is 7" and 5" on the upper. It should be noted that one side of the lower shelf allows a height clearance of 12.5" (for bottles) due to the 3" deep shelf above.

Next, the pull out rotating drawer is 17" diameter by 3 7/8" high. One of the front shelves is smaller than the other. The smaller shelf has measurements of 11.5" wide by 7 3/8" deep by a 17.25" high (16.5" high at the very front due to a 1.75" deep molding at the top). There are 5 shelf heights starting at 5.25" up from the bottom. The larger shelf is 29" wide by 7" deep by 17.25" high. For this, there are 5 shelf heights starting at 6" up from the bottom.

To reiterate, this is definitely the ideal product for someone seeking a unique, well-equipped and simply amazing Danish modern desk. Highly recommended!

Kai Kristiansen [ bio : items by ]
SB Feldballes Møbelfabrik [ bio : items by ]
Brass, Mirror, Teak

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Danish Teak Kidney Desk