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Sigvard Nilsson

Sigvard Nilsson was born in the Sövestad locality in the Ystad municipality of Sweden. Having studied sculpture and decorative arts from Essemskolan in Malmö, Sigvard had wanted to become a potter at first, and had apprenticed under a potter in Ystad; however, he found that his true passion was in creating wooden handicrafts and household articles, especially kitchenware. He soon started his own company called the Sowe Konst, which went on to become a huge success having over ten employees, and with its products being exported to countries such as Germany and USA.

The most renowned of his collections was the Natura line of articles, in which the bark was visible. Moreover, he created a number of exotically-shaped bowls, trays, ladles and other utensils in a variety of woods such as oak, beech and birch. His accomplishments include winning 3 gold medals at an industry trade show in California, and the Ystad Municipality Culture Prize. Due to his thorough knowledge of trees and immense love for nature, he had been felicitated by local authorities many times for encouraging local woods and for his efforts in nature conservation, and was often asked to teach students about trees.


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Sigvard Nilsson

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I know that he died in 2007 and was 75 years old, so I think he would have been born in 1932 (could be 1931 or 1933). Also, I'm not positive that this picture is of him. He was born in Sövestad, Sweden, but the picture is in 1949 in Fjälkinge, Sweden, but that is only an hour away, so it could be that he was visiting that city in 1949.