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Joel Myers

Joel Philip Myers was born on 29th January 1934 in Paterson, New Jersey. He attended Parsons School of Design from 1951 to 1954 and graduated with honors from the Department of Advertising Design after which he worked for Donald Deskey Association as a designer for three years. He then studied ceramic design in Kunsthaandvaerkskolen, Copenhagen, Denmark for a year. In 1960, Myers enrolled himself in Alfred Universityís Ceramic Program and earned the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1962. The following year, Myers started working at the post of a Director for Blenko Company in Milton where he served till 1970 during which he also earned his Master of Fine Arts degree in 1968. He then resigned his post because he accepted the post of an Art Professor at Illinois State University, Normal, IL where many of his students went on to become significant artists.

Joel Myers has numerous awards and honors to his name such as the Honorary Life Member of the Glass Art Society, the Fellow of the American Crafts Council, the Fellowship recipient from the National Endowment for the Arts etc. His solo and group exhibits included Joel Philip Myers and Students in Galarie L in Hamburg in 1991; in 1993, the Joel Philip Myers that toured across Europe under the sponsorship of the Glasmuseum in Ebeltoft, Denmark; Joel Philip Myers & David Huchthausen, Contemporary Art Niki Gallery in 1994 in Tokyo, Japan and the History of American Glass that was exhibited in St. Petersburg, Russia, at the Hermitage Museum, arranged by Corning and the Toledo Museum of Art. The list of Collectors consist of some well known names such as The Museum of Decorative Art, Prague; Australian Crafts Council, The Art Institute of Chicago and Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, Japan.

Joel finds his inspirations in the natural world and most of his inspirations have come from Mohnkuchen- a poppyseed pastry that he used to have when he was a child, fields of wild poppies and rouge coquelicot in France, red paper poppies that he bought on Armistice Day and the poppies from his Danish garden, Den Rode Valume. When asked about the most exciting part of creating his works, he replied, "The physical act in harmony with inspirational and intuitive responses." According to him, by not being able to see his work in person, people now-a-days miss out on experiencing the actual scale, density, weight, surface differences, changing light conditions etc. Joel Myers is generally regarded as the most successful designers of Blenko.

Blenko Glass

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Joel Myers

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