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Dean Santner

The famous furniture designer Dean Santner was born in Cleveland, Ohio in the year 1946. To pursue his interest in designing, he moved to California in 1969 and joined the San Francisco Art Institute. However, he also experimented a lot with furniture to learn designing on his own. He went on to become an icon of furniture designing for his signature works in modular furniture designs; for creation of efficient and comfortable furniture for office settings; for his wooden ornamental pieces; for his artistic furniture; and for his excellence in production of craft. His pieces have been showcased at many places around the globe, including famous art galleries and collections such as at the Historical Collection of the Oakland Museum of California, the San Francisco’s Collection, and the Ranch Collection of the former President Ronald Reagan and his wife.

In his career spanning over 40 years he has been bestowed with countless awards, notably Outstanding American Craftsman Award; California Manufacturer of the Year; Mead Presentation Award, etc. His work, often selling now at hundreds of times the original prices, is famous all over the world.


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Dean Santner

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Dean Santner in his booth (A9) at the American Crafts Council (ACC) Pacific States Crafts Fair, held August 5-8, 1976 at Pier 2 of the Fort Mason facilities in San Francisco. This was the first annual ACC San Francisco Show. It was hosted by the Southwest Regional Assembly of the ACC and co-sponsored by Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The Pacific States Crafts Fair featured the work across all craft mediums of makers from 9 Pacific States: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington & Utah.