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Artist: Vallabh Namshikar
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Arne Clausen

Arne Clausen (1923-1977) was a Norwegian artist famous for his enamel lotus patterns. In the 1950s, Arne started working at the Norwegian company Cathrine Holm A / S, where he helped create transparent enamel designs on stainless steel. However, impressed by Arne Clausen’s lotus pattern which he had designed in his spare time in 1963, Cathrine Holm A / S began to produce a line of articles with the lotus patterns.

Later, the Danish firm Lyngby Porcelain, becoming aware of the lotus pattern, used it on its porcelain products. And recently in 2012, a Danish company called Lucie Kaas, taking the Arne Clausen family's permission, used the lotus patterns on their ceramic dishes.


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Arne Clausen

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