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Artist: Vallabh Namshikar
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Aldo Londi

Born in Montelupo, Florence in 1911, Aldo Londi went on to be one of the leading pottery designers of the times. He ventured into pottery at a very young age. At 11, he secured his first job at a local ceramic manufacturing company. Even though he was imprisoned between 1935 and 1943 in Johannesburg, Africa , as a prisoner of war, he continued his quest for the art. Post the second world war, he found himself a job as the Art Director of the renowned Bitossi studio in Montelupo, Florence.

Londi’s art flourished at Bitossi’s and he designed numerous motifs and sculptures. He created a new range of pottery by merging together layers of turquoise and blue. The range was named Rimini Blu, after the road junction connecting Northern and Central Italy. Aldo Londi died in the year 2003.


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Aldo Londi

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