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Tre Spade

Every industrial enterprise has stories about men and the machines they operate; stories about persistence, a will to perform, and the ability to innovate. The Tre Spade story, however, is not so usual and ordinary. In many ways, and for many reasons, the story of this brand is quite different.

Tre Spade’s beginnings were related to a vivid, extremely intense and unknown fragrance. The Tre Spade, or the three crossing swords symbol was first used in 1894 on the first Italian coffee grinders. The Tre Spade coffee grinders were conceptualized and created at about the same time when the espresso trend was growing among the elegant and stylish class. Tre Spade covered the distance between macinelli (mills) and pepper mills, and the mechanism designed by it at the end of the last century stands unexcelled to this day for its practicality, accuracy and dependability.

Those years were also the time when automobiles had first made their entry into people’s lives in the big cities. The company, recognizing the potential for good business in the motorized revolution, decided to leap into the field and became a pioneer in auto mechanics. From that point onwards, the company produced forged steel components and tools for agricultural processing – one of the most important lines of business for the company.

Tre Spade’s originality is also reflected in its idea of combining forged metal – a highly industrial vocation, with a genuine passion for good things. In addition to experiments in automotives, the company carried on with innovations in the area of kitchen tools. Meat Mincers, tomato squeezers and sausage fillers were the products created, and to this day, they stand as a testament to Tre Spade’s attention to its consumers.

Tre Spade, moving ahead step by step with evolving technology, has today added electrical machines to its line of business. Its range has grown and broadened in keeping with the increasing demands and expectations of customers. Owing to Tre Spade’s ability to adapt to changing conditions and demands, it is today one of the world’s reference points in the field of kitchen tools and machines, with new and innovative products like Takaje, their vacuum sealing system.

Tre Spade’s industrial quality has been built patiently over the years. It explores different avenues every day and offers new tools, ideas and solutions. The company’s endeavor to combine and blend the Italian tradition of taste and its industrial quality remains its most significant feature.

A distinctive feature of Tre Spade is its commitment to quality. The company believes that quality is the main objective of its work. Their persistence in taking care of every small detail comes from the experience and belief that at the end of the day, quality of work is what matters; that only well-made things endure. Constantly updated and modern machines help Tre Spade keep pace with evolving technology, and aid it in the quest for quality. Modern software and calculation instruments help the operation by improving speed and precision. The sales network of the company is always in touch with the customer base and understands the rapid changes that take place in the market.

Tre Spade believes that customers are its most important resource, and that their feedback and trust is what enables them to improve their products and explore new avenues with dedication, commitment and imagination.

Torino, Italy

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Tre Spade

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