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Artist: Vallabh Namshikar
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Royal Copenhagen

The Ming and Qing dynasty blue and white porcelain was extremely popular in Europe during the 17th century. It was brought into Europe from China. In an effort to produce the enticing white glaze of the porcelain that the Chinese had mastered The Royal Copenhagen was started in 1775 in a location that previously used as a post office.

Frantz Heinrich Müller, a chemist, started The Royal Copenhagen to produce porcelain with a monopoly for fifty years. The company started producing kitchenware for the royal family. In 1790 the company released its famous kitchenware called ‘Blue Fluted’ which had beautiful floral pattern and gold plated design. The company kept a monopoly on the name ‘Blue Fluted. In the year 1851 the company was eligible to participate in the World Expo held in London. The company was privatized in 1868 and was called the Royal Porcelain Factory.

The company’s production was shifted to a modern production location in Frederiksberg after the company was sold to Aluminia in 1882. The company was renamed as Royal Copenhagen and bagged the Grand Prix at the Paris World Expo in 1889. Georg Jensen was bought by Royal Copenhagen in 1972, they also bought Grondahl in 1987. Axcel, a private equity fund from Denmark owned Royal Copenhagen along with Royal Scandinavia, and Georg Jensen. Fiskars, a company from Finland bought Royal Copenhagen in December 2012 from Axcel.

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Royal Copenhagen

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