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R. & H. Guarantee Products Co.

The clocks range from old world to contemporary ones, with designs that compliment well with the surroundings or contrast with them brilliantly. With its focus on appealing to a large customer base, the clocks were for different requirements such as office, residence, washroom etc. Some of the famous ones included were Early American 1088, Prestige 1237, Vogue 1506, Transparent dials 1501, 1502, 1500, 1503, commercial clocks 1601, 1602, illuminated indoor clocks 1709, 1504, 1706; a built-in clock at Apex Inc., and a double-faced clock at Peck Furs.

This 1964 architect trade brochure’s pages are a little loose due to its age, and have a little glue at the corners; however, it is an enviable addition to any engineering collection.

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R. & H. Guarantee Products Co.

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