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Artist: Vallabh Namshikar
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Oliv Art

Oliv-art was started in the year 1956 to manufacture olive wood items. They also processed and retail marketed olive wood items. Olive wood has special texture due to its growth cycles that are uneven and sluggish. As a result they make special wood items that have a smooth texture and last long.

The olive wood used in producing Oliv-art wooden objects is carefully selected based on its age, firmness, and permeability. The wood is selected from the primitive trees of Mallorca.

Uneven olive wood that is used as a raw material in manufacturing the items are subjected to a unique drying method that helps preserve the color. The pieces are then shaped by the craftsman in an artisan manner. The company store has various olive wood objects for sale. They include salt and pepper shakers, wooden statutes, candles, trinkets, tableware, napkins etc.


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Oliv Art

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