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Levco Metal Finishers

Levco Metal Finishers was formed in 1948 in Long Island City. It was a metal finishing facility where operations of metal stripping, etching and plating were carried on for more than 30 years. Its property is located in a Long Island City industrial area. It consists of a one-story building covering close to 21,900 sq. ft. Levco’s operations came to an end with the death of its owner in November 1990.

Levco Metal Finishers formed Jenfred Ware, New York, which manufactured a line of ornamental and decorative accessories designed by Ben Siebel. The accessories come in copper, bronze, brass or silver finish on magnesium, copper zinc and aluminum base. The pieces are double-plated in all polishes, and are then coated with a baked lacquer finish. Jenfred Ware’s brass, copper and bronze finish cigarette boxes are sold in retail stores for $6.50 and silver boxes for $7.50. Ashtrays in bronze, brass and copper finishes are priced at $4.00 and in silver at $4.60 in retail stores.

Ben Seibel

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Levco Metal Finishers