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Hans and Florence Knoll, the founders of Knoll, embraced the original, creative brilliance at the Bauhaus School and the Cranbrook Academy of Art to develop new and original kinds of furniture, ambience and environment for the workplace. With modern design as the guiding principle, Knoll has, for more than 75 years, adhered to the Bauhaus design philosophy that modern furniture should be designed in such a fashion that it complements and perfects the architectural space, instead of competing with it. Knoll’s passion for modern furniture has been acknowledged and appreciated by customers and design professionals all over the world.

Hans and Florence Knoll’s approach to the designing of modern furniture was based on the idea that craftsmanship and skill should be joined with technology through the use of design, and to this day, this approach shapes the values that Knoll lives and works by. Knoll has a long history of collaborating with innovative, creative modernists and with present-day designers. These collaborations not only account for Knoll’s past, but also define its future through existing, new and future partnerships with Antenna Design, Formway Design, Don Chadwick, David Adjaye, and Rem Koolhaas.

Florence Knoll was the pioneer who introduced the profession of interior designing and developed the idea of the modern office. Knoll sets a high standard in solving practical workplace problems and addressing workplace needs by means of thorough research and wide experience all over the world. Whether it is private office furniture for individuals or the developing range of open plan furniture for a highly-linked and connected workforce, Knoll offers a standard and definitive resource to cover and handle the constantly changing and dynamic activities of the modern-day office. Today, Knoll inspires a new generation by a wholehearted dedication to the most original, creative and dynamic designs for corporations, healthcare organizations, educational institutions and governmental agencies. Knoll understands the needs of its diverse customer base, and works closely with it to solve workplace issues and to help the customer with his goal – whether it is to encourage teamwork, or to help the workforce adjust with the workplace, or to plan for new technologies and create the office anew.

Modernist masterpieces, the crucial representations in the history of architecture, are being destroyed, razed, defaced or abandoned. Knoll is the founding sponsor of the World Monuments Fund (WMF) Modernism at Risk program. WMF is a non-profit organization devoted to conserving the architectural heritage of the world. Modernism at Risk consists of programs devoted to preservation and public advocacy; it aims at drawing international attention to and resources for the risks and dangers faced by modernist buildings across the globe. Modernism at Risk awards the biennial World Monuments Fund/Knoll Modernism Prize to a designer or design firm whose work promotes awareness in the public about the important role that Modernism plays in man-made environment. The program has so far awarded four prizes.

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