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Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach is a popular maker and distributor of a host of small electric household appliances. Its products include blenders, slow cookers, coffeemakers, food processors, breakfast sandwich makers, rice cookers, irons, mixers, toasters, ice cream makers, electric knives, can openers, breadmakers, grills, countertop ovens, air purifiers, etc. These products are sold under the brand names Hamilton Beach®, Proctor-Silex®, Eclectrics® Collection, and TrueAir® . Hamilton Beach also provides appliances licensed under General Electric and Melitta, and supplies blenders, drink mixers, coffeemakers, toasters, irons, hair dryers and other products to bars, restaurants and hotels. It also provides other supplies to the hospitality and foodservice industry. Hamilton Beach products are sold throughout America through wholesale and retail distribution. Hamilton Beach’s history goes back to 1904, and it is now a subsidiary of the NACCO Industries Empire.

L.H. Hamilton and Chester Beach were employees of the U. S. Standard Electrical Works in Racine, Wisconsin, in 1904. The Standard Electrical Works was a business that manufactured electrical devices. At that time, electric motors were made use of only in commercial operations. Chester Beach came up with a new, lightweight universal motor that could be used in household appliances. Beach and Hamilton founded the Hamilton Beach Manufacturing Company in 1910, and started producing a line of electric appliances using the universal motor. The now famous Drink Mixer was one of the appliances. Hamilton Beach expanded the number and range of their products and began manufacturing food mixers, juice extractors, fans, floor polishers, meat grinders, and even jewelers’ motors.

In the meantime, the Philadelphia Textile Machinery’s name was changed to Proctor & Schwartz, Inc., in 1920, to reflect the company’s move towards products such as thermostatically controlled irons and toasters. Proctor merged with Silex, and produced a wide range of appliances for consumers. It was this company that first produced appliances like the silent toaster, iron with an attached cord, electric glass coffeemaker, and pop-up toaster. In 1990, the NACCO Industries conglomerate brought Hamilton Beach and Proctor-Silex together and created the largest manufacturer of small kitchen appliances in the U.S.

Today, Hamilton Beach, with an employee force of 550 around the world, sells more than 33 million appliances every year. Based in the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia, the company continues to progress. With a modern image, the company continues to serve consumers with dedication.

1995 saw Hamilton Beach expand internationally, and their quest to produce groundbreaking, innovative and modern products for consumers in North America and other parts of the world continues to this day. Hamilton Beach is now looking at Brazil, China and India as potential markets for its products. Hamilton Beach has a special internal innovation team to conduct researches into the usage patterns of consumers. The data about how consumers use products in their homes is used to create and launch new, unique products that solve the problems, if any, and satisfy unaddressed consumer needs. Some products that have been launched over the years based on such information are BrewStation® Dispensing Coffeemakers with no carafe, Stay or Go® slow cookers, that have clips to keep the contents from spilling, The Scoop® coffeemaker with a combined scoop and filter, Durathon® irons with ultra-durable soleplates, and Breakfast Sandwich Makers to let consumers make custom breakfast sandwiches at home.

Hamilton Beach provides creative and practical solutions to help satisfy the consumers’ needs by staying connected with them. It has a call center, and websites in North Carolina to help the consumers. It also uses social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. Everyday Good Thinking® blog offers product tips, giveaways, guest bloggers and new recipes from Hamilton’s Test Kitchen. FAQs, downloadable Use & Care guides, hundreds of recipes, and detailed information about all the products is available on the Hamilton Beach websites. Products, parts and accessories are also sold through e-commerce.

Hamilton Beach’s product quality, wide range of options, first-rate customer service and a strong brand name continue to win the approval and appreciation of consumers. Hamilton Beach aims to apply Good Thinking® in the style and function of its small electric appliances, to make the consumer’s day easier, creative, and full of flavor.


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Hamilton Beach

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