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Griswold Manufacturing

The Selden and Griswold families started a moderate enterprise to produce door hinges. These two families we related through a marriage union and hence the beginning of Griswold Manufacturing Company of Erie situated in Pennsylvania. They were widely popular and known for manufacturing excellent cookware and cast iron products.

The company stayed in business from 1865 to 1957. Their kitchenware was popular and sold through the globe. Several patents were filed by the company that was a result of a fine engineering and creative team. By the end of 19th century the company made a foray into manufacturing cast aluminum objects to their products. In the 30’s the company started producing electric products and hence expanded their product line that was used in restaurants.

Other competitors started catching up with Griswold Manufacturing Company and hence their market share started declining by the 1940’s. Other factors contributed to the decline of the company such as trouble between employees and administration. It reduced the standard of the products. Hence, the company shut it doors in the year 1957.

Among all the Griswold items manufactured cast iron items are the most desirable as compared to the electric, cast aluminum, or others. The Wagner Manufacturing Company from Sydney, Ohio that was a fierce competitor to Griswold bought the rights to their patterns. The Wagner Manufacturing Company ended up producing items under the mark Wagner/Griswold that are not very desired by collectors. The Wagner Manufacturing Company also produced some items under the old mark of Griswold.

Other trademarks used by Griswold Manufacturing were:
Tite Top Dutch Oven, Tite Top Baster, Kwik Bake, Aristocraft, Colonial, Victor, Du.Chro, Classic

Griswold used a number of different logos, sometimes even overlapping:
1865-1883 Selden & Griswold
1865-1909 ERIE or "ERIE"
1874-1905 Spider and Web
1884-1909 Diamond (with ERIE inside the diamond)
1897-1920 Griswold Manufacturing Company (italic lettering, large cross logo)
1919-1940 Griswold Manufacturing Company (block lettering, large cross logo)
1937-1957 Griswold (block lettering, small cross logo)


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Griswold Manufacturing

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