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Dolphin Inc

Lipper International manufactures and sells wooden dinnerware and household articles through Wal-Mart. This trademark was filed in 1965 and was owned by Lipper International Inc. The trademark was renewed in 1987 but is currently expired.

A short study of woodworking companies shows that the import of teak-wood dwindled in the 1970s and gradually came to an end by the early ‘80s. Goodwood, Kalmar and Dansk designs were some of the oldest producers and importers. The oil embargo in the 1970s increased the cost of shipping. This, coupled with a number of other factors like increased cost of production and raw material, and changing trends in home décor, caused the dissolution of all companies.

A US federal trademark registration was filed for ‘Dolphin’ in 1965. This trademark, owned by Lipper International Inc., is now expired. The correspondent for the trademark is DONALD C. LUCAS of MUSERLIAN, LUCAS & MERCANTI, LLP, 15TH FLOOR, 475 PARK AVENUE SOUTH NEW YORK NY 10016. Lipper International produces a variety of home décor and kitchenware under the Dolphin trademark. Their products include stainless steel hollowware like gravy boats with ladle, salad bowls, butter dishes, creamers, chip’n dip sets, bread trays, vegetable servers and chafing dishes.


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Dolphin Inc

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