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Research yields very little information about Digsmed, a popular tableware manufacturer from Denmark. US Trademark records show that Digsmed products, manufactured in Denmark, were imported by The Millard Norman Company of 4688 Paddock Road, Cincinnati, Ohio, with the trademark being a stylized Vikings helmet.

The Millard Norman Company filed for the Vikings helmet trademark in the United States on the 30th of December, 1968, and the trademark was registered on the 20th of January, 1970. The trademark application shows that the ‘first use in commerce’ date was 11/10/66. The trademark was not renewed, and expired on the 4th of November, 1992.

A piece or two of Digsmed items have been known to have a trademark older than the Vikings helmet logo. Since this is absolutely in conflict with the information on the US Trademark application, it would not be wrong to assume that this logo was registered in Denmark. This assumption cannot be affirmed, though, because online records of Danish copyrights begin with the year 1982. The only fact that the Danish records confirm is that Digsmed was not in business in 1982. It throws no light upon the year it started, or the year it ceased operating.

The trademark application has no information about the designers of the Digsmed line of tablewares and housewares. The items remain unattributable. Digsmed designs used metal not only as a practical and functional necessity, but also as a design element. In this respect, Digsmed designs were very similar to the designs of Laurids Lonborg, who designed teak condiment and serving trays, and worked with Kastrup Holmegaard Glassworks to provide glass for his creations.

There are some Digsmed products where glass is used. This glass was produced by the then Kastrup Holmegaard Glass Manufacturers. The Kastrup Glassworks and the Holmegaard merged in July 1965 to form the Kastrup & Holmegaard Glassworks. Many of its glass items were marked ‘KH’. Kastrup Glassworks closed in 1977, and the company changed its name to Holmegaard Glassworks. This information can help in assigning dates to Digsmed products where glass has been used. The Digsmed vintage spice wheels are very popular and greatly in demand because they are relatively rare. They are highly valued and priced.


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