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Craft Associates

Adrian and Richard Pearsall were two brothers with a vision. When they ventured into furniture production, they committed themselves to it heart and soul. In spite of daily glitches, every profit the company made was fed back into the business. They named their new company “Craft Associates”, choosing a broad name so that if they couldn’t make a success out of the furniture production business they could switch to manufacturing some other product and retain the old name. They would thus save on the expenses of registering a name.

Craft Associates, Inc. began in 1952 and was established by Adrian Pearsall. The first production of furniture began in the basement of his mother-in-law’s duplex apartment. The apartment at East Benett Street in Kingston, PA was split into two wings. One section housed Adrian, his wife Dorie and their baby son Jim, while Dorie’s mother Grace Kanarr lived in the other. Adrian began fashioning wrought-iron furniture from the basement and Dorie managed the invoices, purchase orders and appointments with Philadelphia and New York store buyers.

The company became a great success and sales soared after the introduction of a new range of walnut furniture in the late ‘50s. Mr Pearsall became a renowned name in interior and home design. At this time, the company had about 800 employees. In 1968, Pearsall sold the company to Lane Furniture Company and himself started another venture. Lane ran the furniture company for a while but ceased production in the late 1970s. Soon Craft Associates was completely shut down.


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Craft Associates