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Although Cathrineholm sounds like the name of a person, it is the name of a factory outside Halden, Norway. Cathrineholm began as an ironworks manufacturer in 1907, and created wrought iron products and agricultural equipment for some time. After this, they were also engaged in manufacturing signs for advertising, and creating common household items made of enamel on steel. Changing economic conditions and circumstances pushed the Cathrineholm factory to change itself and evolve into a business that produced enameled kitchenware.

The designs of Grete Prytz Kittelsen, a contract designer who worked with Cathrineholm are highly prized by collectors. It should be noted that although she is the best known designer of Cathrineholm, she was one among many brilliant designers. Grete started working with Cathrineholm in 1955 and quit in 1972, when her friend Gunnar Klein left the enterprise due to financial troubles. Cathrineholm and Standex have been in a state of stagnancy in 1975, with not a single product created under their brands.


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