About Us

keereo is a new way to keep track of all the cool objects that you have collected over time including, their designers and the companies that made them. It's a collaborative space that allows everyone to benefit from our collective knowledge, crowdsourcing at its finest!

Illustrated View of keereo Items in the Browser

By creating an account or logging in via Facebook or Google, you can immediately start filling out your keereo. Just click the “Add New” link at the top of the page and you’re off! You’ll be able to upload pictures, create links to external references and document that cool story behind each of your pieces.

Illustrated View of Designers in the Browser

Research designers, companies and patterns for your favorite objects. Do you know something that isn’t there ... add it, everyone wins!

Illustrated View mapped locations of objects in the Browser

How cool would it be to see where all your antiques come from with one quick glance? Do you find that you collect a lot of latin american items? Is Danish your passion? That’s gøød!

It’s easy, when viewing your "My Items" page, just click the little map icon in the left hand menu ... voilà!

Check out some of our other graphs, you can see the cost vs the worth of your collection over time, or graph the year of manufacture across time.

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